“Honesty and integrity in all dealings” is expected at Choice.  Our Compliance and Ethics Program empowers staff to prevent, detect, and report any conduct or action which fails to comply with applicable laws or which fails to satisfy the Choice Code of Conduct.  

We encourage all employees, customers and business associates to promptly report any actual or suspected compliance and ethics issues and multiple options for reporting are provided:  

  • Directly to a supervisor (manager)
  • Directly to another member of the management team
  • Directly to a member of our area, corporate, or regional leadership team
  • Directly to Human Resources
  • Directly to the Compliance Officer:  Mobile 214-674-8302.
  • Call the Choice Compliance Hotline at 855-900-0855

We are highly committed to the Compliance and Ethics program and we prohibit retaliation against any employee who reports what was reasonably believed to be an act of wrongdoing or violation of the Choice Code of Conduct.


Choice Rehabilitation, LLC is committed to providing a corporate culture and working environment that sets a high standard for integrity and ethical business behavior. Our organization is dedicated to making the right “Choice” always.

Integrity is defined as honesty of character; doing the right thing even when no one is looking.  It is our internal compass that guides us to make the right choices in everyday business operations.  We examine our business practices as well as our personal character so we may communicate with customers, residents, and one another to ensure that we are operating in accordance with high principles of integrity in all areas.

It is every employee’s responsibility to demonstrate integrity through personal example at Choice.  We rely on the trust of our customers and their families, and we must never take any action that puts that trust in jeopardy.

Our Code of Conduct provides an ethical and legal framework for business practices and conduct to which all Company employees must adhere.

Our Choice Therapist are primary caregivers who provide direct therapeutic care or services for the elderly.  Our responsibility to our patients and residents requires a very high standard of performance from our employees.  Therefore, conduct that limits, restricts or interferes with our ability, or another person’s ability, to respond to our patients’ needs is unacceptable.  These values are discussed in detail in the Code of Conduct.  Employees are expected to fully adhere to the Code of Conduct and report issues of concern in a timely manner.