Choice Rehabilitation provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services for patients in skilled nursing facilities who demonstrate a variety of underlying diagnoses such as Parkinson’s Disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and many others.  Treatment may also be provided following stroke, heart attack, traumatic brain injury, bone fractures and/or surgery.  Our team of therapists are dedicated to assisting patients in reaching and maintaining their maximum level of independence through the use of individualized treatment plans tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual patient.  Our specialty is you!


Our Physical Therapists provide skilled treatment services that include diagnosis and treatment of deficits related to decreased coordination, activity tolerance, lower body ROM and strength, and instruction to decrease falls and slips that are related to various disease processes or injuries. Functional deficit areas addressed may include gait disturbances, contracture management, transfers and safety. Treatment plans are individualized to meet the needs of the patient and condition being treated and include balance training, bed mobility, therapeutic exercise, strengthening and the use of assistive devices. Additionally, we provide instruction in joint protection for hip and knee fractures or replacements, neurological assessments and treatment, Cardiac Rehab, and training in the use of prosthetics and orthosis. Therapeutic intervention will assist each patient to reach their individual goals and return to the activities they enjoy for an increased quality of life.

occupational therapy

Our Occupational Therapists provide skilled treatment services to help patients perform their activities of daily living with the greatest level of independence and safety. These activities may include dressing, bathing, toileting and cooking. Therapy focuses on increasing strength, mobility, endurance, range of motion, balance and coordination during completion of these activities. Therapeutic treatment plans may include modifications and adaptations to help each patient reach their individual goals and return to the activities they enjoy for increased quality of life.


Our Speech-Language Pathologists provide skilled treatment services to help patients who may be suffering from swallowing disorders, cognitive-communication deficits, speech-language disorders or voice disorders due to a variety of underlying diagnoses. Treatment plans are developed to meet the needs of each individual patient and may include therapeutic exercises, strengthening exercises, development of compensatory techniques, modifications and/or adaptations. These services are provided to help our patients return to safe oral intake of their favorite foods, communicate effectively with the ones they love and perform their daily living tasks with the highest level of independence, safety and confidence.